Tuesday, April 19th, 2011
Explorer Software Group earlier announced the acquisition of CSSP, the largest provider of software solutions for the Australian construction market. On the heels of this acquisition comes the announcement that Explorer has acquired a second Australian company in a simultaneous transaction - Kensington Computer Services http://www.kcs.com.au

Kensington Computer Services is a leading supplier of hardware, software and computer services to the construction industry and has over 400 customers across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. It shares many of the same customers as CSSP, specializing in databases such as Rocket U2 which is used by CSSP’s suite of construction industry software.

Kensington will mark Explorer’s twelfth acquisition since 2004 and the acquisition is seen as a benefit not only to the Kensington customer base, but also the new CSSP customer base.

“The two businesses are highly complementary and by acquiring both companies, we have enhanced our ability to offer market leading solutions for the Australian construction market,” explains Explorer Software’s President and CEO Jim McFarlane.

"We’re excited about our expansion into Australia and this acquisition is truly a win-win for all involved. Our people, clients, and overall marketplace will see tremendous upside and continued opportunity."

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Explorer Software Group is a leading provider of software solutions for the construction industry worldwide, offering a broad range of solutions for small, mid-sized and large enterprises. Explorer's construction accounting solutions offer rich functionality, a highly flexible application platform, a full application suite and best-in-class customization abilities. The software and services are designed to produce meaningful increases in revenues and margins to contractors.

Marc Hemmett, Managing Director Australia, Explorer Software Group
P: 0418 114 990
W: www.explorer-software.com


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