Monday, April 18th, 2011

SYDNEY, Australia – 18 April 2011 - Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, the first hotel in the world to achieve internationally accredited carbon neutral certification, has released exclusive images of rare white albino wallaroos spotted on the property.

Excited guests and staff have had regular sightings on the property of two mature white albino wallaroos as well as a baby albino joey spotted in its mother’s pouch. Statistics show of high mortality rates across all types of albino species - making these sightings extremely rare.

“We’ve had sightings of one mature albino wallaroo on the property since opening 18 months ago, but to have two more spotted on the property is incredibly rare and exciting for us and our guests,” said Joost Heymeijer, General Manager, Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa.

Occupying just two per cent of a 4,000-acre conservancy reserve, the secluded resort heralds a new era of luxury travel in the country, actively protecting its surrounding habitat and indigenous wildlife species while delivering the first-class standards and quality expected from luxury resorts.

“Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa has earned its credentials as a conservation-based resort due to it being fully integrated into its environment, supporting wide-ranging conservation practices and active in endangered species protection,” said Heymeijer.

“Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinctions in the world and introduced feral predators such as cats, foxes and rabbits are the greatest threat to surviving species. These latest sightings of rare albino wallaroos further encourage us in our commitment to conservation.

Prior to opening in October 2009, almost 40 kms of barbed wired fencing was removed from the property to decrease the number of wildlife being fatally snared while attempting to jump over or pass under the fence. In January 2009, the resort completed a trial feral-free zone covering a 50-hectare area to reduce the impact of feral animals on native fauna.

“The fact that Wolgan Valley has two mature albino wallaroos is proof that our conservation program to protect indigenous and endangered animals from feral predators is working. We believe our new furry guests will be here to stay for quite some time,” concluded Heymeijer.



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Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

About Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa opened in October 2009.

Located within its own 4,000 acre conservation reserve and nestled between two national parks bordering the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, the conservation-based Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa sets new standards in luxury travel. Combining the expectations of the high-end traveller with the broader social, ecological and environmental aspects of the resort, it will be the only experience of its kind in Australia.

This secluded resort features 40 individual suites surrounded by private decks, each having its own indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Its architecture is designed to be reminiscent of traditional rural Australian homesteads.

The A$125 million project was built on the philosophy of complete integration with its environment, and supports wide-ranging conservation practices, focusing on endangered species protection and the planting of thousands of native trees indigenous to the area, including one of the world's rarest trees, the Wollemi Pine.
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Rare albino wallaroos spotted at Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa



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