Friday, April 15th, 2011
One of the country’s leading solar retailers, Solar Shop Australia, has called for a coordinated national approach to solar feed in tariffs and rebates to prevent a boom or bust cycle taking hold.

General Manager of Retail for Solar Shop Australia, Daniel Edgecombe, said while generous Government incentives had given the solar industry a significant boost, nationally consistent legislation is now required to help stabilise the market.

“There is a lot of change taking place in terms of the various state and federal government incentives available, and it’s these inconsistencies that can have negative impacts on smaller solar providers and consumers,” Mr Edgecombe said.

“As Government incentives start to wind down between now and 2015, we will start to see a phase of market consolidation within the solar industry.

“There is now a tangible cost associated with investing in solar and consumers have begun to recognise the value of a knowledgeable, reputable dealer over bargain-basement prices.

“Qualities such as durability and life span of the system are becoming the priority for homeowners, with the installation of a quality grid connect solar power system potentially saving homeowners up to $70,000 during the system’s lifetime.”

Mr Edgecombe’s comments come ahead of the reduction in the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) multiplier from 1 July and, although he foresees an impact on smaller players in the market, Mr Edgecombe predicts it will have little long-term impact on the strength of the solar industry as a whole.

“Homeowners will continue to look to solar power as a way of insulating themselves from rising power costs regardless of the incentives,” Mr Edgecombe said.

“Admittedly there has been a spike in demand for installations in the lead up to June 30, as homeowners seek to cash in on the higher value of STCs.

“However, higher network charges and outdated power infrastructure will see the price of power continue to escalate, making solar power an incredibly worthwhile long term investment.

“Generous Government support certainly helped kick-start the Australian solar industry by making solar power more financially attainable to households and educating the public about the benefits solar power can deliver both financially and environmentally.

“But as with any technology, the price of solar panels has naturally dropped over time and the scheduled cut backs in Government incentives accurately reflect and align with the falling cost of panels,” Mr Edgecombe said.

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