Monday, April 18th, 2011
Leading Australian "mum only" weight loss company Lose Baby Weight has announced that since its launch in September 2010 it has helped mums lose an astonishing 5,000 kilograms.

Mums all over Australia are now looking and feeling fantastic after shedding an average of 10kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans.

Rhian Allen, the founder of Lose Baby Weight and mum of one, says, “The results have been incredible and the combination of our advice, support, nutritional products, empathy, forums and video content ensure that the mums on our plans have great success."

*Jo Martin from QLD, who has two children and had tried every weight loss plan out there and failed, started Lose Baby Weight in September and since then has lost 18kg.

*Kelly Wagner from SA has a similar story after tipping into the 30 range on the BMI scales and finally deciding to do something about it for the sake of her children.  Since October Kelly has lost 20kg.

*Tegan Blanch from NSW
lost 8kg on the plans after failing to lose her baby weight on numerous occasions - she now has more energy for her two children and is brimming with confidence.

Allen says that the Lose Baby Weight plans take into account the pressures that mums face including sleep deprivation, exhaustion, lack of family support, physical injury from the birth and a brand new set of priorities.  They are simple follow, advanced nutritional plans and give daily constant motivation.

Allen understands weight loss and the pressures of being a mum and herself has now lost 14kg from her pregnancy and her baby is just 5 months old. "The weight loss approach for mums needs to be different from the approach with women without babies," Allen adds, “and this is why are plans are so successful – we are offering mums a service and support that is not currently available and in weight loss the support is crucial”.

The Lose Baby Weight website also has a number of testimonials from mums who have taken the plan and succeeded in losing their baby weight against the odds.

For more information, visit the website, email [email protected] or call Rhian Allen on (02) 8094 8775.


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Lose Baby Weight

Lose Baby Weight offers safe and healthy weight loss products and plans to help mums lose weight when they feel 100% ready to do so (we do not put pressure on mums to lose weight and only support them to lose weight when they are ready). The plans and products are created by nutritionists and post natal exercise experts and include diet and exercise plans, cook books, exercise DVD's, calorie bibles and meal replacement smoothies plus a huge amount of free online support and content - including over 500 recipes.
Rhian Allen
P: 02 8094 8775
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