Thursday, April 14th, 2011
Australian school messaging specialist MGM Wireless (ASX:MWR) today announced the launch of Smartsync™, an innovation that solves the challenge of ever-changing family structures for schools trying to manage parent contact databases.

Smartsync™ maintains the latest record of family contact details for emergency and general communication for schools using the MGM Wireless cloud based Outreach SMS platform.

Combined with Outreach, it provides a highly secure, specialised solution for schools to contact a student’s caregiver using the most up-to-date contact details and based only on knowing the student’s name – on a school-wide, class-wide, or individual student basis.

MGM Wireless Executive Chairman Mark Fortunatow said that Smartsync™ demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to assisting schools keep pace with the changes in today’s technology-driven society.

“Today’s family structures are more fluid than ever before,” Mr Fortunatow says. “This means that schools are typically having to keep track of several caregivers for each child who may have contact details that are subject to change.

“Smartsync™ overcomes this problem because when the school changes a contact detail for a child in the school management system, it will automatically update the SMS records.

“When the school receives an SMS from a caregiver they know whether or not it’s been validated through the school’s enrollment process. Smartsync™ makes Outreach even more effective and efficient for schools to streamline their school-to-home communication.”

Recent events such as flood, bushfire and cyclone underline the need for every school to have an easy way to contact all parents in an emergency, and the service also dovetails with the powerful Outreach scheduling facility.

“This means that schools can schedule an SMS broadcast, say for a junior school performance, to reach parents of year 7s, 8s, 9s at a particular date and time,” Mr Fortunatow explained.

“When that day comes around, the Outreach system will be looking at all the kids enrolled at that time and send the message. Families who no longer have children at the school won’t be sent messages but any new people who have enrolled will get the message. It’s a dynamically changing data structure.

“The service meets the need to communicate across the school community, from old scholars to parent and teacher groups, public or private, all the way from the largest to the smallest school can benefit.”

MGM Wireless School Messaging

MGM Wireless offers a suite of School Messaging products, from roll-marking to attendance to social communication. Its popular Outreach web-based messaging system allows schools to rapidly locate parent contact details and manage communication to constantly changing family group structures. The system:

• Eliminates the need to manually transfer data from the school’s current student management system – a process that is time consuming, error-prone and often requiring specialist IT skills.
• Ensures parent contact data need only be updated in one application – the school’s existing Student Management System.
• Ensures that school users can always be confident that the data they are using in Outreach is up-to-date – an important requirement when communicating late breaking news to the parent community.
• Enables schools to send SMS securely from the school or using any web connection, making it ideal in emergencies such as weekend notification of school closure for swine flu pandemic, and other issues.

With Smartsync™, school-parent contact data is continually being synched with Outreach, which is hosted in an Australia based ASIO security cleared and ISO quality certified facility with three levels of redundancies. Primary, secondary and tertiary redundant services such as servers, power, internet and air-conditioning are all serviced by Tier 1 carriers.

This means that even in the direst circumstances – a school being under water due to flooding, or destroyed by earthquake or bushfire, the school will be able to contact its entire community from any web connection, because the application is held in cloud.
Mr Fortunatow said that Smartsync™ demonstrates the company's continued investment in technology and innovation.

“Offering continual upgrades and evolution in a product life cycle highlights that we are at the cutting edge of educational technology and reinforces the value to schools.

“We give senior school leadership in particular the confidence that the MGM solution is for the longer term and is not a short term fix.”

Smartsync™ is currently compatible with 44 of the leading Student Management Databases in Australia.

Contact Profile

MGM Wireless

MGM Wireless is the Australian leader and specialist supplier of School to Parent SMS communication solutions. MGM Wireless’s reputation for security is well established and its School Messaging products are used by Government Education Departments in Western Australia, New South Wales and New Zealand. Smartsync™ uses secure internet protocol HTTPS and data encryption, meaning confidential school data stays as secure as technically possible. This is the same technology currently used by Australian Banks.

MGM Wireless, the MGM Wireless logo and Smartsync™ are registered trademarks of MGM Wireless Holdings Pty. Ltd. or a related company. All other products and company names mentioned are used for identification purposes only, and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Various components and features of Smartsync™ are protected by Australian Innovation Parents.

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