Thursday, April 14th, 2011
Today in Melbourne, an innovative start-up ‘Brokers Carbon’ launched its new online portal for the emerging carbon market which, if it all goes according to plan, “will change the rules of the game when it comes to identifying environmental projects worldwide,” said its founder Nathan Dale.

And with the number one ranking on Google already in over 35 different countries (search term ‘Carbon Broker’) and an innovative new online business model, Brokers Carbon is trying to redefine what is means to operate globally in the new green economy.

“What makes this portal so unique in the carbon market” said Nathan “is that we already have the ability to list every type of environmental project, in every carbon market, at any stage of development… worldwide. Essentially what this means is, if you’re developing a new environmental project and or selling emissions reductions anywhere in the world, we can help you!”

In terms of the actual platform, new users can sign up online at no cost which will give them about 80% of the project information for free. Sellers can create, manage and update their own listings online at any time and buyers can choose their own project preferences and Brokers Carbon will email them if there is a match.

All paperwork and contracts are handled electronically and project developers will be pleased to know that they have also paid special attention to the inherent confidentiality and non-disclosure issues that relate to developing projects commercially in this new market.

In terms of the type of transactions that you can do on Brokers Carbon, Nathan is also quick to point out that “this is not an exchange or a trading platform, instead Brokers Carbon is platform that allows you to indentify new environmental opportunities and then deal direct with the buyers and sellers. How you choose to transact and settle the actual deals is still up to you. What we are trying to do is put relevant project information in the hands of the people who can do something useful with it”.

And whilst Brokers Carbon isn’t the only player in this space at the moment they certainly are one of the few companies who are coming at it from a fresh commercial perspective.

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Brokers Carbon

Brokers Carbon is an independent online carbon market for early stage emission reduction projects. We act as a ‘springboard’ for early stage projects and environmental opportunities into the broader carbon market.

We help the various buyers and sellers in the primary carbon market facilitate forward sales, over-the-counter transactions, strategic investments and partnerships depending on their individual requirements.

As such we are not a registry or an exchange. Instead we provide a unique service to those people in the carbon market who would like to engage in commercial transactions with others, however and wherever they may be located.
Nathan Dale
P: +61 3 9010 6294
M: +61 409 124 616


Environmental Projects, Carbon Trading, Climate Change, Carbon Credits, Clean Tech, Innovation, Entrepreneurship



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