Wednesday, April 13th, 2011
Australian Democrats National President Julia Melland says she was shocked to hear Pauline Hanson’s comments about perceiving her role as being to "Keep the Bastards Honest".

"Miss Hanson's attempt to trade off the Australian Democrats’ good name and Parliamentary history is abhorrent.

"Pauline Hanson’s agenda is far from that of the Democrats and our good record as a true centre party.

"We have repeatedly shown ourselves to be a Party that has been able to work with all sides of politics and represent ordinary Australians. We do not not push a radical agenda such as that of Miss Hanson's, which has represented a very small part of Australia.

"We resent her using our slogan" said Ms Melland.

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The Australian Democrats

A genuinely independent political force advocating for solutions based on compassion, justice and equality. The Australian Democrats stand up for the rights of all Australians. We strive to eradicate discrimination, bigotry and exploitation, and to end once and for all the marginalisation of Indigenous Australians, asylum seekers and other minority groups.
Julia Melland
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