Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
A new Teachers Companion for a popular Sherlock Holmes spoof is proving to be a great tool, covering the national curriculum for primary teachers.

The Sydney author of "DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery", Toni Brisland, is a solicitor and former teacher, and has worked in managerial roles within the NSW Police Service where the use of documentation is critical.

"I've created the perfect companion which makes the teacher's job a little easier and learning fun for students. All the teachers have to do is copy it and take it to class," said Brisland.

"The feedback to date has been overwhelming, teachers have purchased the companion from all over Australia."

The Teachers Companion is a 32 page booklet divided into the proposed national curriculum: language, literature and literacy and covers grammar, punctuation, pronouns verbs, how writers go about creating their novel using their imagination, characters, interaction. The book also teaches how to use figurative language, metaphors, etc. It also outlines comprehension and research skills, teaching the kids how to do a book review.

Toni Brisland has qualifications in law, education, psychology and business. She has won a number of awards for unpublished children’s books; DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery is her first novel.

For further information or to request a review copy or interview contact Sarah Sheppard on 07 5492 4921 or email [email protected]

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