Monday, April 11th, 2011
Safety and security are key considerations for all industries involved in the transportation of materials. Considering the many combustible components in a truck, forklift or van, which are in close proximity to ignition/heat sources, such as engines and transmissions, as well as the potential for onboard goods to add to the fuel load, it’s clear that the risk of a fire while in transit can be high.

Wormald offers a range of vehicle fire suppression systems which provide vital risk management forheavy vehicles against the threat of fire.

The various systems are developed to suppress fires occurring in areas such as the engine and transmission compartments, brakes and hydraulic areas of all kinds of vehicles from huge mining and quarrying plant and equipment to small forklifts and 4WDs.

Depending on the combustible nature of materials being transported, such as logs, wood chips, paper, fuel and other explosive materials, Wormald’s formalised fire risk assessment, in accordance with Australian Standard, AS 5062-2006: Fire Protection for Mobile & Transportable Equipment, can determine the level of fire risk and provide the most appropriate system to address that risk. Wormald’s Foam Water Spray Vehicle Fire Suppression System and the Ansul™ A-101 Vehicle Powder System are both ActivFire listed to be compliant to AS 5062.

For vehicles transporting fuel, Wormald’s SAPPHIRE™ Engine Strangler System uses a unique sustainable chemical agent to powerfully suppress fire and is designed to minimise damage to the mechanics and electronics and, more importantly, people.

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