Monday, April 11th, 2011
There are not many toys that have stood the test of time, but lego toys are among the elite group that continues to enthrall both boys and girls. Since the first town "system" was introduced back in 1955, lego toys have been growing by leaps and bounds. The latest system to catch children's imaginations is the Lego City system.

Kids can build an entire city with the Lego City system. Maybe they want to build an airport, complete with terminal, jet and people. Perhaps the Fire department is more to their liking. If so, they can find a lego toy set that will fill the bill and keep them entertained for hours every day. Other sets available are the city house, public transportation system, police station, bank, and train station to name just a few.

The Lego City toys are the complete package. Made from ABS plastic, they are non-toxic, which parents certainly appreciate. Children can put the cities together by themselves, with a friend or it could be some special parent/child time together. This is a toy they will return to over and over again. These Lego toys encourage the use of imagination, something that is hard to come by at times with video games and television so prevalent in our children's lives.

The old saying that quality is never expensive is certainly true in the case of Lego City play sets. Quality and customer satisfaction for Lego toys both get consistently high marks. A toy that sits on the shelf or under a bed isn't much good to anyone. Lego toys have been shown to be the toy that kids return to over and over to play with; building and rebuilding each city, then playing make believe as they run their city.

Little did Ole Kirk Christiansen know when, in 1932, he switched from making furniture to making wooden toys that he was launching the beginning of what would become one of the world's most versatile and beloved toy systems. On second thought, maybe he did because Lego in Dutch means "play well" and is loosely translated in Latin to mean "I put together". The Lego City series is among the top selling toys year after year because young boys and girls love to put things together. Some things never change.

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