Monday, April 11th, 2011
The Lamplights create music for people to connect with and enjoy, so when they found out that their song “Feel Alright” was showcased on, as song of the day, and received over 9800 downloads, they understandably felt a little better than “alright”

Ashley Perrow, Ryan Gittoes and Jason Mcgregor are the creative trio of The Lamplights, who are a Southern Gold Coast based band that have been playing music together for only 12 months. In that time the guys have recorded an album, toured locally and interstate, and have received international interest to take their unique blend of acoustic music which has been described as modern folk, on the road (plane) to Europe.

Exposure is one of the biggest factors in a bands success, that and it appears that The Lamplights have something special to offer, and people are taking notice. When I asked Ryan Gittoes, the lead singer about what success meant to The Lamplights he replied “ I think too many bands get caught up in trying to make it, and miss the point that creating music is about expression, and when you are always trying to get somewhere you miss out on the success you have in that moment. Being successful is a feeling and when we play together, we certainly feel that.”

If you were not one of the nearly 10,000 people who downloaded The Lamplights, you need not worry, the self tittled album is availiable on Itunes and Cd Baby.

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The Lamplights

The Lamplights are a trio who believe that great music is great music, no matter what the genre. This is reflected in their performances – it is evident that the three share a firm belief that quality songs form the foundation of quality performances. With a wide repertoire, the trio's sound is best described as an organic blend of funk and folk, served with a side of blues, sprinkled liberally with jazz and dished up with a whole lot of heart.

Staying true to their roots, there’s an honest feel to The Lamplights’ music that stems from their connection to the community. They continue to perform regularly at Gold Coast markets, mixing with the locals, making new friends, playing songs especially for the kids and gaining fulfilment from close community spirit - this is a big part of what they do and why they do it. The Lamplights' audiences leave performances feeling like they have participated in something emotional and special.

The Lamplights are aware that it’s when they’re having a good time on stage that the audience really engages and they endeavour to play music for the sheer joy of it rather than to simply perform for the benefit of others. Ironically, it’s this humble and heartfelt sentiment that attracts the crowds. The obvious pleasure the trio get from making their music draws people in just like the soft glow of a lamplight on a cold, damp night.
Ryan Gittoes
P: 0425788188


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