Sunday, April 10th, 2011
If you ask a fan of The Lamplights how much they paid for their album, well your going to be a little is how it works.

Gold Coast band The Lamplights are made up of a creative trio, Ashley Perrow, Ryan Gittoes and Jason Mcgregor. The guys recorded their self titled album late last year and decided that they were going to do things differently. Instead of having a set price for the Album they let fans pay whatever they wanted, a kind of honesty system.

In the past six months they have sold over 1000 copies and have won over audiences up and down the east coast of Australia with their unique blend of folk, funk and blues. It is this open and trusting approach to their music which has seen The Lamplights popularity steadily rise and it is immediately obvious when seeing them play live, The dont do it for the money.

When asked how this approach has worked for them, they responded “ we love the fact that people can pay what they think its worth, its about sharing our music, not holding onto it”

“ This works for us because we are an independent band who has been supported by our community and this is our way of giving back”.

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The Lamplights

The Lamplights are a trio who believe that great music is great music, no matter what the genre. This is reflected in their performances – it is evident that the three share a firm belief that quality songs form the foundation of quality performances. With a wide repertoire, the trio's sound is best described as an organic blend of funk and folk, served with a side of blues, sprinkled liberally with jazz and dished up with a whole lot of heart.

Staying true to their roots, there’s an honest feel to The Lamplights’ music that stems from their connection to the community. They continue to perform regularly at Gold Coast markets, mixing with the locals, making new friends, playing songs especially for the kids and gaining fulfilment from close community spirit - this is a big part of what they do and why they do it. The Lamplights' audiences leave performances feeling like they have participated in something emotional and special.

The Lamplights are aware that it’s when they’re having a good time on stage that the audience really engages and they endeavour to play music for the sheer joy of it rather than to simply perform for the benefit of others. Ironically, it’s this humble and heartfelt sentiment that attracts the crowds. The obvious pleasure the trio get from making their music draws people in just like the soft glow of a lamplight on a cold, damp night.

Ryan Gittoes
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