Friday, March 13th, 2009
With organisations facing budget cuts as a result of the downturn, training can often be a casualty.

Despite the squeeze on training budgets, many organisations are responding by being more selective with their training budgets.

Chris Herman, Managing Director of InfoTec Communications and provider of online registration service My Booking Manager, said that many businesses were looking at more innovative ways in which to approach human resources in order to effectively offer training programs.

“The take up of online registration technology to manage the whole registration process has positively changed the way training programs are managed, from what was by comparison an expensive labour intensive activity,” Mr Hermann said.

“By cutting down on non productive administrative tasks, businesses can focus on simply promoting their product.”

SaindhavTamhane, Manager Process Engineering at the Centre of Innovation said using ‘My Booking Manager’ had become common practice in their organisation.

“With our seventeen active users trained using the My Booking Manager system, we have managed to significantly reduce the administrative burden of coordinating and managing event registrations.”

Enterprise Adelaide Business Development Coordinator, Sarah Lindblom, said it was extremely important that businesses kept exploring and developing new and efficient ways of business practice.

"Using an online registration system has helped us easily manage our many workshops and forums held throughout the year”

It’s not only the registration process that online technology has changed, according to Mr Hermann.

“The manual effort of compiling feedback forms after each session often meant that valuable feedback from clients was left to collect dust. The technology means valuable feedback reports are now automatically generated for management.” Mr Hermann said.

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Enterprise Adelaide and Centre for Innovation are two of many organisations that are using smart technology to manage their training programs.


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