Saturday, April 9th, 2011
Recently reported incidents of vulnerable people suffering abuse and neglect is as a direct result of captive market care services being in-denial they have major systemic management problems, spokesperson for family support group, "Lifestyle in Supported Accommodation (LISA) Inc", Mr Tony Tregale, said.

"We are seeing the failure of service management, especially government direct care services, to set monitor and maintain direct care staff work value expectations across services from child protection to aged care", Mr Tregale said.
There was the young boy left in the park by child protection, a man with an intellectual disability who received carpet burns from over assertive staff and the shocking abuse of senior citizens in a NSW home. In the recent past, there was the man with an intellectual disability forced to drink detergent and burnt with cigarettes by so called care staff - And so it goers on!

"These are just the tip of the iceberg", Mr Tregale said.

The failure of service management to properly manage the business of providing care within recognised care policies, standards and values is festering below the surface all the time.

"We call on the new Minister for Community Services in Victoria to conduct a full review of service management of those who receive government funding. And, the management within her own Disability Accommodation Services", Mr Tregale said.

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Lifestyle in Supported Accommodation (LISA) Inc

The objective of LISA Inc is to empower and support families with a member with an intellectual or multiple disability who is living in supported accommodation to better understand service provision procedures, care policies, standards and values, and thereby be better positioned to scrutinise service providers. And, to lobby service providers for consistent and meaningful provision of quality of life care.
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captive market services are in-denial they have major systemic management problems



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