Friday, April 8th, 2011
The 25 year old Australian marathon swimmer Chloe McCardel announced today her intention to cross the English Channel three times non-stop, a distance of more than 100 kilometres, in July this year. If successful, she will be the first Australian to achieve the feat, and one of only four swimmers worldwide to do so. Chloë’s triple crossing of the English Channel is expected to take more than 30 hours of swimming to complete.

As a warm-up, Chloë will attempt a local Australian record, swimming 60 laps across Bondi Beach, a total distance of 48 kilometres, spending an estimated 13 hours in the water without fins, wetsuit or shark cage.

Chloë McCardel said, “I completed a double crossing of the English Channel last year and as soon as I returned to the pool afterwards I knew I wanted to be the first Aussie to successfully complete a triple crossing. The warm-up at Bondi will be a challenge as I will have only been back in training for five weeks since my wedding in March, but it will be a great opportunity to do a long, cold water training swim before heading to the UK in July.”

The current record for swimming laps at Bondi stands at 50 laps, held equally by three individual swimmers including Des Renford, Cyril Baldock and Tammy van Wisse. Chloë will beat that record by 10 laps, the total distance being just shy of half the distance she will need to swim when crossing the English Channel three times in July.

The Bondi record attempt is scheduled for April 24, commencing at 4am. It is expected Chloë will complete the swim at around 5pm that afternoon. If the weather and conditions are poor, the swim will be rescheduled for April 26.

The public is welcome to follow her progress on the day at the Bondi Surf Lifesaving club or via updates on Chloë’s Twitter, Facebook and Blog pages.

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Chloë McCardel

Chloë McCardel is a 25-year-old marathon swimmer.  In 2010, she won the prestigious 46km Manhattan Island Marathon and completed a double crossing of the English Channel in 21hrs and 48min, the 2nd Australian to do so.

Pic : 25 year old Chloë McCardel aims to be the first Aussie to swim across the English Channel three times non-stop.

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