Friday, May 27th, 2011

Stonefield Query for Goldmine CRM makes creating dynamic reports and real-time dashboards simple.

Stonefield Software today announced the latest release of its database reporting software tool, Stonefield Query 4.1. for Goldmine CRM. The new version includes over 30 new enhancements – the most significant being the Dashboard Wizard. Monitor business trends in real time by creating dashboards with Stonefield Query’s built in dashboard wizard.

Companies that use Frontrange Solutions Goldmine CRM know the power and advantages it brings to their organizations. But are they getting the most out of Goldmine CRM?

“One of the most important things that end users and IT professionals need is customized reports for GoldMine CRM. Most GoldMine CRM users never have the time to customize their GoldMine CRM reports.” said Jason Okrepkie, Stonefield Software Inc. Channel Account Manager. “As a result, they never get the full benefits of what Goldmine CRM can do for them and their business. They miss opportunities and that means lost sales.”

Stonefield Query for Goldmine CRM can provide the customized report creation that all companies require. Now Marketing and Sales Managers, Administrators, and end-users can save hours daily on report creation. Stonefield Query has a short learning curve, letting you deliver a custom business reporting solution. Stonefield Query is highly flexible, letting you create advanced custom reports in hours instead of days. Create and schedule your reports to run anytime you need them so there is no more waiting for IT staff!

“Stonefield Query 4.1 for GoldMine CRM provides a unique combination of end user accessibility and increased IT staff productivity. The latest version provides an ad hoc reporting solution that can be used directly by end users as well as IT staff.” said Okrepkie. “Stonefield Query can be used as an application development platform that significantly reduces the development time needed for creating sophisticated customized GoldMine CRM reports.”

Start creating dynamic dashboards and reports that your organization needs now!

Stonefield Query 4.1 for GoldMine CRM at a glance:

User defined dashboards using the new Dashboard Wizard.
• Over 70 reports included free.
• Cross-tab reports now support displaying the amount and/or percentage change between columns. The Display page of the Properties dialog for a data field has new "Show difference from previous column" and "Show percentage change" options. You can turn on one or both of these.
• Stonefield Query now has enhanced support for Windows 7.
• Create desktop shortcuts for any Stonefield Query report.
• Usage statistics are now maintained for reports allowing you to determine which reports are actually being used, how often, and by whom.
• Tunable memory allocation during start up for Windows Terminal Server environments.
• Multi-page charts are now supported with linking which allows for drill downs and drill through to GoldMine.
• Emailing now supports SSL/TSL for SMTP used by Hotmail and Gmail accounts.
• Access multiple data sources including: GoldMine CRM, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, FoxPro, Pervasive.

A free 10 day trial download is available at the Stonefield Software Inc.

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Stonefield Software, Inc.

Stonefield Software Inc., the maker of the award-winning Stonefield Query, has been developing Frontrange Goldmine CRM Business Intelligence (BI) reporting solutions since 1991.

Our SDK version of Stonefield Query works with most database applications including: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, Pervasive, FoxPro, and more. Stonefield has partnered with over 800 OEM and ISV partners to deliver ad hoc query and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting solutions to more than 225,000 users in over 65 countries globally to date. Our customers span all sectors and industries from: public to private, military to non-profits, Fortune 500 to SMEs.
Jason Okrepkie - Channel Account Manager
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