Monday, April 11th, 2011

School attendance management specialist MGM Wireless (ASX:MWR) has announced a move to the cloud to ensure increased security and uptime for its industry-leading school communication systems.

From this week, the company’s IT infrastructure will be hosted at the high-security ICO Data Centre at North Ryde, NSW.

MGM Wireless Executive Chairman Mark Fortunatow said the state-of-the art ICO facility would provide speed, reliability and a standard of security that can only be found in an Australian based data centre.

“MGM deals with sensitive data relating to child safety and we were concerned that we moved to the most secure facility available,” Mr Fortunatow said. “The Federal Government recently issued a warning to businesses that some overseas facilities do not recognise the same rights to privacy as they do in Australia.

“The ICO Data Centre has an ASIO T4 security clearance and both the Data Centre and ICO Support Operations are also ISO/IEC 27001 certified to the ISO quality standard. Network Connectivity has three levels of redundancies. Its primary, secondary and tertiary redundant links are all serviced by Tier 1 carriers.”

MGM Wireless has a suite of products, from roll-marking to attendance and school event communication.  Its popular Outreach web-based messaging system allows schools to rapidly locate parent contact details and manage communication to constantly changing family group structures.

“The priority for schools is to be able to reach parents quickly and reliably,” Mr Fortunatow said. “The new facility means that even in the direst circumstances – a school being under water due to flooding, or destroyed by earthquake or bushfire - the Principal will be able to contact their entire community from any web connection, because the application is held in cloud.”

MGM Wireless currently serves over 700 schools across Australia, is the preferred supplier for the Western Australia Department of Education, NSW Education Department Sydney Region and New Zealand Ministry of Education, and serves many of Australia’s leading Independent, Lutheran and Catholic Schools.

About ICO
ICO’s $80m Data Centre, located in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde, offers the highest availability to its customers through a dual-homed, tri-piped geographically dispersed redundant network. The Data Centre operates and is manned 24x7. It is a highly secure facility which will pass the most stringent security audits. It is certified by SAI Global to International Security standard ISO/IEC 27001 (previously known as AS/BS 7799 or ISO 17799). It also has a full-time security team on duty 24 x 7. There is no more modern, secure or better designed facility in Australia. It is has true N+1 redundancy throughout. Put in simple terms, that means that whatever might fail, there is at least one backup to take its place.

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MGM Wireless Ltd and Messageyou, LLC

MGM Wireless Ltd is a South Australian (Adelaide) based socially responsible public company with a market capitalisation of A$1.7 m listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code: MWR). The company trades as Messageyou, LLC in the United States, based in Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, California.

MGM Wireless is recognized in Australia and internationally as a pioneer of technology-enabled school communications with a proven capacity to design, develop and successfully commercialise innovative world class technology products in Australia and internationally.

The company’s patented SMS School communication solutions empower schools to effectively communicate to parents and caregivers using SMS text messaging to improve student attendance, welfare, safety and parent engagement. Measurable benefits for schools include reduced operating costs, increased productivity and improved parent and community engagement which ultimately improve student learning and social outcomes.

Schools in Australia, New Zealand and the United States use MGM Wireless software in their day-to-day operations.
Mark Fortunatow, Executive Chairman, MGM Wireless
P: 08 8431 2300
M: 0414 69 70 71


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