Friday, March 13th, 2009

Companies and consumers alike send there best wishes via SMS.

We break up our relationships via SMS or cancel an appointment; but can we come-up with a nicer way to use SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is not a new phenomenon, but it is a mass market application. In the recent past SMS has evolved from casual chat to purposeful text messaging, from exchanging jokes to emergency procedures or sending warnings of national threats to the user’s phone. A SMS is faster than sending an old fashioned card or an e-mail.

Now there is a new benefit to SMS – sending a gift code to your friend by a simple text message.

SMS Your Gift lets you purchase a gift code for a flat fifty dollars. You enter the receiver’s details and a message and the gift code is send by SMS or Email to your loved one, instantly or at a scheduled time and date. With the gift code the receiver can redeem a gift from the website’s gift range online or mobile. The gift is send out at no extra charge.

With the service SMS Your Gift is clever playing the market of people living in a fast pace. And all the gadgets geeks can browse the website on there mobile immediately after receiving the gift code. SMS Your Gift has made browsing their gift section easy by having only twelve gifts available at one time. This limited choice not only makes browsing on the mobile easy but there is also another trick to it. By having the entire gift selection on the main page of the website it attracts companies to advertise their products on SMS Your Gift to create brand awareness among a specific target area or to create Buzz around a new product by sampling. For advertising their products on the website companies pay SMS Your Gift with their products, which are then sold in the gift range. By paying for advertising with product donations, SMS Your Gift offers an inexpensive way to create brand awareness and advertise.

SMS Your Gift also sees a growing market in the corporate sector. Companies can create their own reward package and brand their own page for their staff or customers using the SMS Your Gift platform as a base.

More and more Australians live abroad for a while and SMS Your Gift makes it possible to send gifts instantly to their loved ones back home. All gifts in the gift selection have a minimum value of fifty dollars and with shipping cost included in the price the sender pays, it makes this service good value for money. 

Using SMS…. It just makes the gift market a lot sexier.

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About SMS Your Gift:
SMS Your Gift is a service of Triple G Media Pty Ltd located in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. Triple G Media specialises in innovative gift giving solutions for individuals and businesses. The gift services of Triple G Media include Book Hampers and SMS Your Gift, both unique and personal. Book Hampers combine the charm of literature with the finest quality food and leather stationery. Customers can tailor their own hampers by choosing any book available. SMS Your gift follows the trend of mobile communication and let customers send a digital gift voucher via SMS to their friends.

You can find Triple G Media gift options on or
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We break up our relationships via SMS or cancel an appointment; but can we come up with a nicer way to use SMS?


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