Friday, April 8th, 2011

One of the great sources of new work and new hires is a strong and engaged alumni.

The value of word of mouth and "warm calling" (marketing calls where an introduction has been made or a connection exists through alumni) to your recruitment and marketing initiatives is astronomical. When someone is leaving your organisation it is time to think with your head not your heart.

It is all too easy to fall into the trap of seeing a resignation as a betrayal, and respond just like a wounded warrior, becoming defensive and altogether non-strategic! With talent increasingly following leaders, not companies, it is now more than ever your leadership brand is critical to ensure success. Bruised egos and hard heads result in lost opportunities with the brand taking a step backwards.

Grant Archer has an extensive background in Workplace Management. He has experience in workplace investigations, training and mentoring for managers through to junior staff, and drafting workplace policies and procedures. He has been a sought after public speaker on People and Culture management, and has written many articles for the media and industry journals.

He says "Workplace culture is influenced by a multitude of sources. Your leadership style and trademark rely heavily on your ongoing management of staff; however an often overlooked influence on reputation is the way an organisation treats people on the way out."

Grant says "If your organisation allows employees to leave without dignity, without thanks and without looking to the future, the risk to your brand is enormous. Reputation is not an infinite resource. It has to be cared for and regularly tended to. A well managed and respectful exit strategy opens the door to a new connection which can bring you ongoing benefits. Don't close the book - open a new chapter!

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Linkbridge builds the connection between business, people and culture.

The management of the human element of a business is often the most complex and least understood tasks, and yet nothing is more intrinsically important to ensuring long term success.

To succeed in today’s market, businesses must move to align strategies to their people, address reward, remuneration and retention of key staff together with ensuring that training coaching and succession planning is relevant, and linked to strategic business outcomes."

For more information on appropriate exit strategies and managing an effective alumni, email Grant on [email protected]

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