Thursday, April 7th, 2011
The recent campaign by Australian retailers to draw Government attention to the inroads made by internet shopping seems to be borne out by a recent survey by , which found that 37.5% of respondents had applied for a credit card in order to make online purchases.

This is the second comprehensive survey on credit card use conducted by with 2,351 respondents offering their views on how many cards they carry and what makes them choose a particular card.

“The convenience of a credit card compared to other financial arrangements for online shopping can’t be beaten," said Jeremy Cabral, director of “People seem to be much more comfortable buying online with a credit card than they were a relatively short time ago.”

However, impulse buying was admitted to by 50.2%, who said “Yes occasionally,” when asked "Do you ever get carried away and impulse spend on your credit card?"

The survey found respondents the average monthly credit card spend was still high with 31.1% spending between $1000 and $3000 a month on their card.

“Despite several interest rate rises in the last two years, we are still not yet in the habit of shopping around for the best deal,” said Cabral. “The majority of respondents say they stick with the major banks and 52% of our respondents did not use financial comparison websites to research their credit card choice.”

A summary of the survey data is available here: Australian Consumer Credit & Banking Survey 2010 - Summary & Findings

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