Thursday, April 7th, 2011
An Adelaide audience will be the first to find out what makes one person shoot to the top of their industry and have others sit up and take notice, while another is simply ignored.

Mike Handcock, author of "The Lie", will present Rock Your Life on the first leg of his world tour at an event in Norwood tomorrow (April 7).  Mike says he will reveal the secrets of becoming the authority figure in your industry or circle.

"Every industry has a key person of influence -- an authority, a rockstar, a mover and shaker," says organiser Xenia Ioannou, of Wealth Zone Education.

"There’s no froth and no mucking around about this event. Your time will be filled with content."

You will learn:

* How to stamp your mark as an authority and have all sorts of people stand up and take notice of you
* How to make clients take notice of your presentations amidst the mountain of other offers they get
* How to build massive value into your business so not only will people go no where else, they will be telling their friends
* The key to creating brilliant referrals without even trying to hard
* The 2011 ways of marketing and branding you that most people have never heard of.
* The new way of magnifying your business and self to show the world who you really are and what you stand for

"At the end of this event, you will clearly understand what sets the great apart from the sea of mediocrity and the three strategies for becoming a leading influencer in your industry," says Xenia.

About the Presenter - Mike Handcock

After leaving senior management in corporate life, Mike Handcock has lived an extraordinary life. An award winning speaker who has spoken in over 30 countries, author of 10 books including best sellers, musician with nine albums to his credit, the chairman and founder of Rock Your Life one of the leading groups of transformational leaders on the planet, a director of the SAGE Foundation and Global Dialogue Foundation, heralded by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic work and nominated for three extraordinary life awards, Mike says he will never die not knowing. Mike's latest achievement is a movie in which he directs and stars called 'Dreamcatchers' released in 2010 in 30 cities globally, along with the Rock Your Life Publishing Group and travel and bedia companies all launched in 2009. Mike knows how to influence and get known.

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