Thursday, April 7th, 2011
Rocksolver is a highly innovative construction technique using software to solve the 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle of building with unprocessed rock. Tonight on ABC TV's New Inventors program the inventor of Rocksolver, Malcolm Lambert, will introduce the first working prototype.

Rocksolver is being developed by Intresto, an Australian R&D company based in Armidale, NSW. Rocksolver is the first software application of its kind and Intresto's aim is to release Rocksolver as a means to unlock the world's largest resource of sustainable building material, unprocessed rock.


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Intresto Pty Ltd

Intresto was founded in 2007 by Malcolm Lambert, the inventor of the Rocksolver technology. Intresto is the world leader in computer-aided masonry design, analysis and construction (CAMDAC). Intresto's Rocksolver software application is being developed to help DIY landscapers, landscape contractors, builders, civil engineers and designers use local raw material to build retaining walls, seawalls, ports, agricultural terracing, river levees and housing. Intresto recognises that at 10% of the price and 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to competing products, unprocessed rock is an important but underutilised worldwide resource of building material.
Malcolm Lambert
P: +61 2 6772 3552
M: 0433 825 664


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