Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

DeadReds has been unearthing old wine since 2007 however this time the sponsor is a new entrant into the wine market.

Sponsoring DeadReds Wake Nine is the Reservoir Range label.

They'll be nothing old about this wine but it will be worth sampling. The Reservoir Range wine label will appeal to the vast majority who would like to get into tasting and experiencing wine but are put off by all the bull.

Their motto is simply "It's wine, get over it".

Our motto is "It's old, let's try it" and "We love unearthing old wine".

In 2011 we will be adding "We love unearthing wine experiences" into our mix.

Let's face it, wine lovers love fun. They love sharing and gathering socially.

At our events there's no need to know the sort of things you have to know about or pronounce, before you can taste the wine. Along with the sponsor contribution, DeadRed members bring old wine to the event for judging and sharing.

So, the evening will be the pairing of old with new.

To be held this Friday 8 April, from 6.30pm at The Garage
Waymouth Street
Adelaide, Australia

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DeadReds WineGroup

DeadReds has been giving members unique wine experiences since 2007 and we'd like to continue giving just because we can. With over 500 members worldwide and each quarterly Adelaide event boasting over 60 members in attendance (including from interstate), we believe we have found a winning formula and thank those who have supported us during our journey.

We raise money for our charity of choice, The Heart Foundation.

Our sponsors enjoy promotion in the lead up, during the night and afterwards to our worldwide membership via Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, et al.

Charlie-Helen Robinson
P: 0424644624


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