Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
A collectible craze with kids in the United States of America, SqwishLand Retail products are now available in Australian Geographic stores. From the popular kid-friendly virtual world,, Sqwishland Toys are cute and adorable animal like characters that fit in the palm of your hand.

Developed by Sqwishland LLC, a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona and offices in Melbourne, Australia. Australian kids can now get a taste of their own country's creativity and hard work with the launch of SqwishLand Retail in the land down under's Australian Geographic. Australia can now experience the joys of having a collection of Sqwishlanders and playing the online game.

What is it about Sqwishlanders that kids just can't get enough of? Ever since it's arrival in the toy world, school kids have been going crazy for these little rubber pencil toppers. Sqwishlanders, are commonly bought at vending machines in various stores in U.S.A. Each Sqwishland toy is contained in a capsule,which comes with a strip of paper. This strip of paper is key because it holds a SqwishCode, which ties the physical product to the online game. A SqwishCode can be used online at where it unlocks fun new bonuses inside of the game. Using the codes you can unlock outfits, homes, virtual Sqwishlanders, and so much more. Players can chat, play minigames, and participate in other activities with one another in this colorful virtual world. In SqwishLand, the kid’s toys come to life and they can play with them in a whole new way!

Starting April of this year, Australian kids can grab their own Sqwishland toys at Australian Geographic stores. The 6 pack Sqwishland Tube comes with 4 original, 1 RARE Squishy and 1 ULTRA-RARE Sqwishlanders. RARE and ULTRA-RARE Sqwishlanders have unique designs compared to the original Sqwishlanders. Some of which include glow-in-the-dark Sqwishlanders. With so many Sqwishlanders in just one pack, there will be tons of SqwishCodes that can be used to redeem more prizes.

Making it easier for kids to find a SqwishLand toy, Sqwishland has developed a free SqwishFinder app for iPhone or they can log on to Just by typing in a zip code and area, the SqwishFinder will locate you to the nearest Australian Geographic store where you can grab tons of SqwishLand toys.

Joining is absolutely free for all ages. There is also a Premium Membership that will allow players to access more areas, play more minigames. More minigames means more Sqwash to be won. Players can get more clothes for their avatars and buy more cool items for their Sqwishlanders. Players can also earn more Sqwishland XP (points) because there will be more quests once you are a Premium Member. For the first entry of a SqwishCode in Sqwishland, a 30-day free Premium Membership trial will be activated!

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