Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
It is important for parents to introduce their children, at a younger age, to the wonders of constructive play where creativity, imagination, and exploration are introduced and enhanced. With a lot of toys in the market today, selecting one that could help spark and inspire creativity among young children could be a confusing task.

Without a doubt, the popularity of Lego as a developer of creative and imagination-enhancing toys is indisputable. Since its inception in the 1940s, Lego has successfully created and marketed a range of toys that facilitates playful learning in young children. From simple product lines, Lego has increased its range of toys, from basic Lego and Duplo blocks to more complicated settings and sceneries.

History of the Duplo

The Duplo is a range of construction toys developed by toy giant Lego. Just like its trademarked range of construction toys, the Duplo basic set consists of different colored brick that can be snapped and locked together to create buildings and structures.

Lego created the Duplo in 1969 for children aged 1 and 1/2 to 6 years old. For safety reasons, Lego developed bigger blocks for the Duplo, more than twice the size of the original Lego block. The first basic set of Duplo bricks came in four distinct colors: white, red, yellow, and blue.

Duplo blocks are versatile, durable, and safe to handle. The basic pieces are also compatible with regular Lego blocks. When the child is old enough to safely handle and play with smaller pieces, the Duplo could be an interesting addition to a regular Lego collection.

Product Popularity

The increasing demand for Duplo toys resulted to more product innovations, including a Dollhouse with sliding doors, and a Toolo, built with internal screws to securely fasten pieces together. In addition, the newest offering of Duplo toys now include human figures of a mother, father, and child. These figures resemble a larger Lego mini figure and is safe to handle by younger children

Today, Duplo has a Bob the Builder Workshop set that includes a mini Bob, construction tools, and basic block pieces. Duplo also has a Thomas & Friends set that comes with a Thomas figure, track, station, and signal. Other popular themes introduced by Lego through the Duplo product line includes farm, airport, zoo, town, construction, and trains. Lego also expanded its Duplo products to basic bricks, themed sets, and building plates.

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