Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Imagine training on a bike in year-round indoor comfort while enjoying the thrill of a competition and the freedom of the open road.

The weather has no impact on your program, you can train at any time of the day or night and race against an unlimited number of opponents - or simply the clock - depending on your personal preference.

And all the while, you feel like you’re in the great outdoors, rather than confined to a gym or studio.

Welcome to the world of Webracer, an interactive technology sensation which will revolutionise Australia’s fitness and cycling communities.

Webracer elevates the humble exercise bike to an unprecedented new platform and promises to challenge and engage cycle enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.
The exciting product is the first of its kind in the world to be offered to commercial clients and cleverly provides three highly sought-after user options in a single piece of equipment.

Webracer is not only a highly developed, mechanically advanced bicycle, it utilises state-of-the-art, web-ready computer technology to deliver an authentic training experience.
Sole riders have a variety of scenic courses from which to choose, offering a stimulating, entertaining and vastly more motivating option than standard cycle workouts.

With little more than the click of a mouse, however, Webracer transforms from a traditional spin bike suitable for individual or class work into an interactive machine allowing rider groups at the same location to compete against one another.

Just as easily, the completely wireless system can utilise the internet to bring together groups of riders from various locations around the state, country or even the world.
Webracer’s catchcry - “anywhere, anytime, anyone” – aptly describes the product which is inspired by the international social media revolution.

Just as Facebook and Twitter engage everyday people in a unique social network, Webracer allows like-minded fitness and cycling enthusiasts to make connections, build rivalries and develop friendships via inter-room, inter-club and international competitions.

Distributed exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Next Generation Fitness Pty Ltd, Webracer will be unveiled at the 2011 Australian Fitness and Health Expo in Sydney on April 15.

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