Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Amid the myriad of poor quality, fad fitness equipment which has invaded the local market in recent years, authentically innovative products delivering seriously impressive results have been few and far between. Which makes the newly-released T-Bow a breath of fresh air.

T-Bow comes to Australasia with a proven track record in the fiercely competitive health and exercise field, having already earned widespread international acclaim.

It provides a complete body workout and is suitable for the broadest possible cross-section of users, making this simple yet revolutionary product arguably the new millennium’s most exciting fitness development.

The product is the brainchild of Swiss-born Sandra Bonacina, a qualified sports and gym coach and highly respected professor of fitness and physiotherapy at Zurich University.

It’s highly effective design fits the curvature of the body perfectly, providing correct support and allowing the user to undertake low impact cardiovascular training while improving co-ordination and balance, and increasing core strength and flexibility. In fact, tests have shown that just two T-Bow sessions a week for eight weeks can improve balance by up to 30 percent and develop vital muscle strength by as much as 95 percent.

Based on a sound bio-mechanical philosophy, T-Bow also provides multiple options for increasing the body’s range of motion, helping to combat many common back complaints.

It is suitable for all ages, can be used independently or in a class situation and has practical applications for everyone from the home user to elite fitness professionals.

T-Bow works as a stand-alone exercise regime but is equally as effective when utilised in conjunction with a Pilates, Yoga or stretch training routine.

“Few people understand that an effective fitness routine needs to incorporate all the elements of core strength, cardiovascular activity and flexibility,” Bonacina explained.

“I felt there was an urgent need for a product which allowed people to work on all these elements while not being scared that it was damaging their backs,” she added.

“Many people have told me that since using T-Bow their workouts are not only more interesting and challenging, but they no longer worry about not having the right support for their back.”

T-Bow is an uncomplicated but effective, and dynamic yet passive multi-functional concept which is as practical, compact and easy to use as it is fun, innovative and eye-catching. And it has a beneficial application for almost everyone with an interest in personal health, wellbeing and fitness.

For more information visit www.t-bow.com.au
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