Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
Hanger Network, Inc., creators of the EcoHanger® – one of the US’ most successful in-home marketing solutions – have announced their distribution plans for Australia.

The recyclable clothing hangers, made entirely from recycled materials, will now be available for the Australian market through Australian distributor, Hanger Network Australia, under the brand name ProHangers™.

“EcoHangers are rapidly becoming the largest ‘green’ marketing platform in the US,” says Hanger Network CEO, Bob Kantor. “The key to our success is that we provide such a focussed delivery against a marketer’s core demographic.”

Company Director of Hanger Network Australia, Balaji Nammalwar, believes the US Company’s step into the Asia-Pacific region will be as successful, considering Australia’s national initiative to ‘Go Green’.

“When you consider the proven marketing accomplishments that EcoHangers® have had in the US, and then compound that with their global environmental impact, you get an advertising solution that can’t fail,” says Nammalwar.

The hangers, produced with marketing material printed across their frame, will be made available to dry cleaners across Australia who sign up with Hanger Network Australia. The product has been engineered over the past several years with continuous refinements making it suitable for use on almost all dry cleaning equipment.

Viewed as the first message of the day, EcoHangers® deliver a highly efficient and targeted premium platform proven to build any business. In the US, they have been shown to have almost a 100% view rate to their predominantly adult audience and bring about an increase in consumer affinity by as much as 68%. And US consumers like them* as well:

• 80% say EcoHangers are very appealing, strong & durable
• 78% prefer to receive their clothes on an EcoHanger
• 70% would recommend EcoHangers to dry cleaner, family & friends
• 83% feel good about supporting ‘green’ products
• 74% will recommend businesses that offer ‘green’ products
• 80% would be willing to pay an extra 5¢ to 25¢ per item to receive their garment on an EcoHanger

*The OTX Report surveyed 3000+ consumers. It is the most extensive and comprehensive research on consumer behavior, relating to dry cleaning.

EcoHangers have already been utilised in the highly competitive American market by many major brands. Extending the success globally to Australia, Hanger Network, Inc. is building on successful launches in Europe as well. “We provide a real service to business today. We allow them to reach people in their homes with advertising that lasts for months – for less than the price of a postage stamp,” said JD Schulman, COO of Hanger Network’s US operation. “I can’t think of another way that today’s concerned marketers can get big, beautiful, four colour messages into the home for months at this price. It’s an incredible value”.

Contact Profile

Hanger Network Australia

Hanger Network Inc. USA, Founded in 2003 as a partnership between category leaders Graphics/TPG, Standard Packaging and Cleaner’s Supply, and with investment partners Sigma Partners, Kodiak Venture Partners, ABS Ventures, Hanger Network is rapidly becoming the largest green marketing platform across the globe.

In 2008 Hanger Network expanded distribution internationally with the successful launch of Hanger Network Europe and into Retail/Specialty and Hospitality. 2009 sees growth continue, with the plan release into the Asia-Pacific region.
Balaji Nammalwar
P: 02 8860 9618
W: www.hangernetwork.com.au/


Hanger Network's highly successful clothes hanger marketing solution (www.hangernetwork.com) is now available in Australia. The recyclable hangers deliver marketing messages straight from dry cleaner to home.


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