Friday, April 1st, 2011
BuyAustralianMade has launched a new iPhone App, BuyAusMade, to make it easy for shoppers to find Australian made products and services in supermarkets and other retail outlets.

BuyAustralianMade has been promoting Australian made products, Australian grown produce and Australian delivered services since July 2009. 100’s of businesses and 1000’s of products are featured on the BuyAustralianMade website.

Stephen Gately, Managing Director of BuyAustralianMade, said “The decision to introduce a smart phone application is a natural progression in our quest to make it easy for shoppers and businesses to find the Australian made and grown products.

The app is free to download. The app makes it easy for people to quickly find Australian made items on supermarket shelves. People can quickly search for Australian made items whilst they are writing the shopping list at the kitchen table, having a coffee prior to shopping or as they walk down the supermarket aisle pushing the shopping trolley.

Many people have told me they plan to use the app to involve the kids in the shopping. I think that is a great idea.

The app compliments the BuyAustralianMade website which attracts 1000’s of visitors every week looking for Australian made products and services. Making it easy to find Australian made items while on the move.

Interest in the app has been extremely high in with over 1700 people pre-registering for the app and more than 700 entries received for the “name the app” competition, which closed Feb 28. The winner received $200 of Aussie made products chosen from the BAM website. The winning name was BuyAusMade app.

We contracted an Australian business, KooDoz to develop the app. They have provided some great suggestions and have produced a quality application with built in enhancement capabilities. They are as excited as us about the app and the benefits it will provide for Australian manufacturers and growers.

The app makes it easy to find Australian made items by allowing searches relating to a specific product, brand or category. It will even allow the user to limit search results to a specific supermarket chain.

The app provides additional exposure for Australian manufacturers of items found on supermarket shelves helping them compete against the increasing amount of imported items found on retailers shelves. Shoppers can quickly find the Aussie made items whilst actually shopping so that they can support our Australian manufacturers and Australian growers by buying their products.”

The app is available for download from or from the apple app store. Australian manufacturers wishing to feature their products can apply online.

For further information, contact:
Stephen Gately (Managing Director)
03 9395 3036 or 0412 837 294
[email protected]

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BuyAustralianMade has been promoting Australian made products and services since July 2009. We make it easy for people to find the Australian made alternative and help Australian manufacturers and growers compete against imports. We promote 100's of proud Australian manufacturers producing a large range of quality products.
Stephen Gately
P: 0412837294


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