Friday, April 1st, 2011
Cars, the movie captivated young audiences around the world, and characters like racecar Lightning McQueen and tow truck Mater became every kid's favorite toys. Now, with the sequel, Cars 2, young and old alike will see these two characters, other favorite sidekicks and brand new car, cast members make their way to the World Grand Prix to compete in a race for the fastest car in the world!

Coming to theaters soon, Cars 2 will surely deliver plenty of action and lots of laughs, as well as hundreds of toys designed around the movie. Cars 2 will bring to the market fun tech toys including the 'must have' Lightning McQueen Alive die cast car. Toys will never be the same once your child plays with this car, which is a tiny die cast auto design that takes off by pressing its roof and talks through its little rubber mouth, moving its eyes at the same time. It's fun -- it's great and can be found at on pre-order.

You can also order other car toys at Playdex, like the Zero Gravity Finn McMissle. Kids can operate this spy car remotely on any floor and up walls. Imagine the fun as Zero Gravity takes on a mission with your child directing the way.

Even better, other Car 2 toys include the Missile-Firing Finn McMissile car, which offers several remote control moves, include full attack, where missile shoot out from bays and verbal orders are delivered straight from the remote. Missile-Firing Finn McMissile is sure to give any child an imaginative filled playtime that will not be forgotten.

Playdex will also carry Car 2 Toys for tots that will include Lightning McQueen, Francesco Bernoulli and Mater. Tots will play for hours with these toys that feature eyes that move and simple remotes that allow your child to move their toys on the floor.

There are many other wonderful Car 2 toys for kids of all ages, and they can all be found at Playdex. Don't miss out on all the exciting and action-packed Car 2 toys by going to for pre-order. These toys will go fast, so log on today.

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