Friday, April 1st, 2011
Australian Democrats national president, Julia Melland, today backed the "Discoveries Need Dollars" campaign to oppose planned cuts to funding for essential medical research in Australia.

Ms Melland acknowledged that governments need to be prudent in spending. However, Ms Melland stressed that research is the key for a progressive and technologocially advanced country.

"We could see up to $400 million cut from medical research that provides benefits for all Australians, and yields significant economic benefits. A funding cut of this magnitude is not something that can be repaired by a boost in next year's budget. It will take years — even decades — for our standard of research to recover and for us to regain the scientific expertise we will surely lose."

Ms Melland said: "If respective Australian Governments are serious about cutting expenditure, they could do well to look at the amount of public subsidies which go to the building of sporting stadia and to special events." Ms Melland also noted that the current Government had ruled out cuts to the $21 billion Australian defence budget.

"We really need to be planning for the future", said Ms Melland, "And this involves a serious commitment to research funding".


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