Thursday, March 31st, 2011
Media release - Embargoed until 1 April 2011

Joint release:,

Revolutionary new research has revealed the true identity of the mythical Sock Monster.

Research led by Wallet Shop Online has revealed why it is that every wash turns up only odd socks instead of pairs, and who the culprit is behind the global long-questioned phenomenon.

"For one day only on 1 April 2011 the true identity of the Sock Monster will be revealed," said research interviewer Judy Fanjek.

"Men and women all around the world have wondered where all the missing socks go when they don't resurface from a load of washing," Ms Fanjek said.

"Many have worried their socks are going off to have illicit affairs in their neighbour's washing basket, but have never been able to catch the sock in the act," she said.

"But through covert operations and secret hidden cameras, researchers at Wallet Shop Online have finally been able to uncover answer to the age old question: Who is the sock monster?"

Wallet Shop owner Noelle Towler said they believe men and women everywhere deserve to know the truth.

"Since we figured out the identity of the Sock Monster and confronted him on what he was doing, we've worked hard to convince him that he needs to repent and make up for the wide-spread pain and confusion he's caused," Ms Towler said.

See shocking video footage of Sock Monster victims reliving their trauma at

To make up for the suffering he's caused, the Sock Monster has launched the world's first sustainable, global sock subscription service.

"It's his way of giving back to the community he's taken so much from," Ms Towler said.

"And after a lot of hard work we've managed to convince the Sock Monster to come out from the shadows and reveal his true identity," she said.

"He's a little unsure of the repercussions so he's agreed to reveal his identity for one day only on his website on Friday 1 April."

"Those who are interested will have to check out on Friday to find out who the Sock Monster is and how they can get all their odd socks back."

The mystery has been uncovered, but you have to be quick to catch him in action. Subscriptions for open on 1 April 2011.

Visit the website today and recommend a sock subscription to the men in your life who need it. ­

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The initiative is powered by Wallet Shop Online.
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W: have worked hard to convince the Sock Monster to reveal his identity and give back to the communities he's taken so much from. The world's first global, sustainable sock subscription service.



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