Friday, April 1st, 2011
Banana grower Steve Lizzio from Cyclone Yasi devastated Far North Queensland (FNQ) will be the eyes and ears of banana consumers as the industry recovers and waits for the next big crop of fruit.

On a regular basis Steve is video recording a status report on the regrowth of bananas from FNQ where 85 percent of Australia’s supplies are grown, and then have his report posted onto Facebook and YouTube to allow consumers to monitor the growing progress.

Lizzio says, “My first ‘state of the banana nation’ video report will be posted onto Facebook and YouTube tomorrow as an introduction to the future reports. It will also give an initial status on regrowth following the destruction of our crop and almost all banana plants in the area on 2 February this year.

“It’s now been eight weeks since the Cyclone struck and we are fighting back. Plants are at a height of two metres and in four months we will see the first bunches appearing. These bunches will develop to the point where they are ready for harvest.
“The entire process from go to whoa takes eight to nine months depending on growing conditions.

“During the regrowth period I will be visiting my friends and neighbours and presenting reports from their farms to give the banana faithful an overall understanding of how the entire region is faring during the recovery period,” Lizzio says.

Steve Lizzio’s family has a 100 acre (42 hectare) banana farm south of Innisfail at Liverpool River, near Silkwood on the Bruce Highway. He has been a banana grower for 12 years and his family has been in the business for 30 years, which makes the Lizzio family somewhat of an authority on bananas and banana growing in FNQ.

Links to Steve’s YouTube video posts will also be found on Facebook or through the Australian Bananas website

Steve Lizzio, Liverpool River Bananas, Mobile 0427 654 777
David Weisz, Horticulture Australia, Tel (02) 8295 2320, Mobile 0412 007 942
Issued by Geoff Drucker, DYDX, Mobile 0419 817 827


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Steve Lizzio, Liverpool River Bananas

Bananas are Australia’s No. 1 selling fruit, principally grown in the tropics of North Queensland. Other banana growing areas are in sub-tropical Northern NSW, Southern Queensland and Carnarvon in Western Australia. Small growing areas are also found near Darwin in the Northern Territory, and around Kununurra in Western Australia.

The banana industry is one of the largest fruit growing industries in Australia and an important contributor to the economies of rural communities in banana growing areas. Bananas are among Australia’s top 10 supermarket lines.

On average 28 million bananas are consumed each week, which represents 13 kg per person a year, the equivalent of 60-70 bananas per person.
Steve Lizzio
P: 0427 654 777


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