Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Media release - Embargoed until 1 April 2011

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9 out of 10 men interviewed in a market research project in Brisbane CBD say they definitely believe in the Sock Monster. The 10th thinks it's his dog Coco.

The research project by revealed that the phenomenon of lost socks is not just in a man's head, said research interviewer Judy Fanjek.

"Socks are disappearing left, right and centre every day," Ms Fanjek said.

"Recent research in the UK has revealed that the lost sock phenomenon costs the average household a staggering $385 per year[1]," she said.

"So in an average family of four, that's up to 60 socks that will disappear every year!"

[See video footage at]

Thankfully, Wallet Shop Online has come up with a solution to the problem, research coordinator and creator, Noelle Towler revealed today.

"At Wallet Shop Online we've figured out what happens to all the odd socks - even if it is a slightly supernatural explanation - and found a solution," Ms Towler said.

"Today we have launched the world's first sustainable, global sock subscription service," she said.

"When you sign up to our revolutionary new subscription service at, we send you out your first shipment of sustainable bamboo socks."

"Once a month or so you just do a clean out of your laundry and sock drawer, find all the odd socks and send them in to us.

"We then recycle these odd-socks and you get a sock-for-sock discount on your next shipment.

"So for every odd sock you send in, you get a replacement pair half price!"

You can have socks delivered as frequently as you like - some men have decided they'll never wash a pair of socks again! Subscriptions for open on 1 April 2011.

Visit the website today and keep updated on the adventures of Pepper the SockMonster.

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The initiative is powered by Wallet Shop Online. What's in your pocket?

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For more information contact:
Noelle Towler
0403 645 852

[email protected]

[1] Converted to AUD from figure of £240 per year as found in research project led by UK laundry specialists Dr. Beckmann, as available on


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