Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Young Adelaide-based Music Producer Clef Method has recently made the transition from a successful role in business, to a full-time career in the music industry. Embracing a family tradition that has its roots firmly embedded in the Adelaide music scene, Clef Method is now providing a range of music production & audio services to recording artists and businesses.

Clef Method, better known to his family and friends as Peter Ferguson, grew up in a family where music was more than just a passion. “Both of my parents were professional musicians playing in the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and from a young age, my sister and I played various classical instruments” explains Peter. As his musical tastes began to diversify, Peter took his musical journey in a different direction, studying Music Technology at the University of Adelaide’s Conservatorium.

With a solid grounding in classical music theory, and the techniques of contemporary music production, Peter began writing and producing music for various local recording artists, in genres as diverse as Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop. In what he describes as a fantastic learning experience, he also produced the music for the ‘Multigrain AusAfrican Artists’ project with Inadifs Productions in 2008, which featured migrant artists from Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Tanzania.

Reinvigorated after a short hiatus from music to focus on a marketing role in a local Adelaide business, Peter has launched a new music production company under the name Clef Method, providing a range of services including:

  • Production of Instrumentals – Writing and producing instrumentals for recording artists in various genres including Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop.
  • Composition of Original Music for Commercial Purposes – Writing and producing original music for advertising, television, movies and events.
  • Audio Editing and Mixing – Providing editing and mixing services to local artists using industry standard software and high-resolution audio converters. 

When asked why he left a successful marketing role to pursue a career in the notoriously tough music industry, Clef Method explained - “I always knew that I would embrace music on a full-time basis eventually. When you have this sort of passion for something, you can’t ignore it.

Clef Method is working on a number of projects, and is actively seeking new collaborations with Australian and international artists and groups.

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Clef Method

Clef Method is a Music Producer / Musician living in Adelaide, and providing a range of music production & audio services including the production of instrumentals for recording artists, and the composition of original music for commercial purposes.
Peter Ferguson (Clef Method)
P: 0401516520


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