Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
We bet you have seen, heard or spoken to someone recently about Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, blogging - in some form in the past week or two. It’s almost unavoidable.

The headline I want to encourage you to use social media (quoted by Wayne Swan, Federal Treasurer, Feburary 26th 2011) is typical of media coverage that is evoking increasing interest in the use of Social Media in Australia.

Like many business owners, you probably know that you should get involved with Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. but don’t know where to start.

But wait is Social Media the only answer or is there more to it, as suggested in another recent headline Go digital now, or watch your business vanish (Sydney Morning Herald March 11, 2011):

“The digital world and its mobile transformation is here. Businesses need to work out what to do - if they don't, they won't exist in 10 years.”
Harold Mitchell is executive chairman of Mitchell Communication Group, which he started in 1976 and has evolved to become the largest media and communications group in Australia today, with a growing presence in New Zealand and across the Asia-Pacific region.

There are a lot of Social Media “experts” springing up almost every day who are promoting the value of having a presence on Facebook or Twitter. However it’s not about the platforms or the tools. The two main keys to success are providing clients and prospects with valuable and content.

People want to read content that is relevant to their wants and needs. What are you really providing your potential clients/consumer? You are providing them with a solution to their problem and your content on all your presences on the Internet need to reflect this.

Content can and should be in words, pictures, slideshows or video as we all consume information best in different forms. The content can come in Blogs, Tweets, eBooks, Whitepapers, news releases, magazine articles etc. And it can be found on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or your web pages.

If you are not regularly updating these presences with valuable content all you are doing is helping people find you but providing no value to them once you have been found.

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A father and daughter team combining a variety of expertise (formal and informal) with plenty of relevant experience operate eNova DIGITAL.

We have been providing digital marketing services since the late nineties when we built a website for our client, Olympic Pole Vault star Tatiana Grigorieva. The website played a crucial role in having Tatiana move from sports star to personality and household name following her success at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

With Nikki’s background in media and communications (Bachelor of Arts Communication and Media Management from the University of SA) and Rick’s background in IT, Sales and Marketing working with National and Multinational companies, we provide a rare mix of skills and experience.

Given we are over 30 years apart in age as well as a father daughter team, we represent a diverse approach to Digital and Social Media.

We recognised Social Media as a cost effective marketing opportunity for our clients in mid 2000. As such we have been using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and blogging for many years now.

Our experience overall and more recently in Digital Media has taught us a lot and we aim to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients as much as possible in ways that will help build their business and ours.
Rick Carter
P: 0412 813 870


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