Monday, March 9th, 2009
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new Learning From Experts web site (, providing an excellent turnkey business opportunity, great information, an opportunity to learn from over 50 world recognized teachers in personal growth and business education, and a way of sharing this education with others.

The information posted in the articles on the Learning From Experts web site comes directly from videos provided by iLearningGlobal, the leading video based online education system. This gives visitors an insight into the power and breadth of the learning material available from iLearningGlobal. There are also videos about the training, and a convenient way to sign up for the online learning system.

The Learning From Experts site has a unique twist on the business side of iLearningGlobal, where anyone who signs up through the web site as a marketer can get a unique code to use to send other people to the site, and if they sign up too, they are automatically placed below the referrer in the business. This means that anyone who signs up through this site is able to be fully set up with a completely functioning business with a web site, marketing videos, and a growing collection of articles that they can link to, at no extra cost above the joining fee for iLearningGlobal...and that joining fee is only US$20.

Site owner, Gideon King, is himself an expert in Mind Mapping, having built the NovaMind Mind Mapping software company (, written two books and created over 40 videos on Mind Mapping. He comments: "iLearningGlobal is simply the best education system I have seen online, with high definition full screen videos from just about all the big names in business growth and personal development sharing a massive amount of information through their videos, audio programs and e-books. There is well over $1 million worth of training, available for less than $80 a month, and no contracts to lock you in to the system.

"As soon as I saw it, I was keen to try it out, but then I found out about the business opportunity they have built around it, and when I studied the details, I found that it is a very lucrative opportunity, and also well in alignment with my values of helping others to improve their lives. But when I joined up, I found that while there is excellent support for the marketers, there was a gap in the system, and that was for a good web site specifically set up to show the value of the product and make it very easy to sign up. I therefore decided to make a web site that would dynamically adjust according to which marketer referred the customer, and make this available free to my entire network.

"This means that they get an instant business too, with all the marketing videos and signup system and content in place - all they have to do is send people to the web site."

Mr King uploads a new summary of a video most days, so the content of the site is constantly growing, and he draws on his wide range of expertise to add his own comments to the content covered in the videos, adding extra depth to the information.

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This web site provides both information for the general public who want information about training from 50 of the top experts in their fields, and a marketing channel for iLearningGlobal marketers.
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