Monday, March 28th, 2011
Year after year, decade after decade, LEGO remain one of the world’s most enduringly popular toys for children (and some adults, too). These extremely versatile, colorful, interlocking plastic building blocks are timeless tools for creative play. LEGO blocks are so sturdy that virtually none are discarded at the factory as being flawed. These are toys that are designed extremely well with high attention to quality and detail.

Nostalgia among parents can play an important part in the continued high demand for LEGO building block toys. Many adults wish to buy their children some of their own favorite toys, including this timeless classic. Children who use these building blocks learn patience and persistence while exploring their creativity and learning valuable principles of rudimentary engineering.

Another good reason today’s children are still enjoying LEGO toys is that LEGO has kept up with the times in terms of updating its toys. Some of the sets of building blocks include new pieces in exciting shapes. Some of the sets are tied in with popular movies and video games, as well. There is a wider range of colors, too, some of them unusual, like chartreuse. There are now even LEGO video games! DUPLO is a type of LEGO set with very large pieces for smaller children. In addition, there are seasonal sets for holidays such as Easter. One can construct an Easter bunny from chocolate colored bricks. The finished project even has a head that turns! The variety of the modern sets keeps the LEGO toys fresh and exciting to the current generation of children and has expanded the age range to include even younger children.

Many step-by-step building instructions for LEGO projects are also available. This can mean hours of fun for the whole family and a sense of achievement when the project is finished. Practically everyone can get in on the excitement of a building project using the brightly colored building toys.

LEGO, of course, can also be used freestyle. Children can experiment with the pieces, discovering how to fit them together into new and surprising creations. Creativity is coupled with lessons in logic and physics. This combination of skills enhanced during fascinating play makes LEGO building sets one of the most appealing toys on the market. If the past and present popularity of LEGO are any indication, this is likely to remain true for many future generations of inquisitive and enthusiastic children.

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