Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
Our population is sick and getting sicker. In recent years, our concept of what constitutes ‘good health’ has been distorted by drug companies, advertisements, TV shows, media and medical hype. offers practical, commonsense advice for teaching people how to get well and stay well – with no jargon, no diets, no fads. “I’m not here to sell you anything. You won’t find drugs, meal replacements, vitamins and supplements, expensive exercise programs or machines,” says Dr Brett.

“You are not sick because of a lack of drugs; you are not sick because you don’t own the latest ab machine. You’re sick because you’re not following the fundamental rules of looking after your body: feeding, nourishing and exercising properly.”

On you will find:
- The answer to your burning health question
- Articles on how to eat, think and move the way your body is designed
- Monthly e-newsletters featuring practical lifestyle tips
- Dr Brett’s blog: helping you interpret the latest medical news, hype and research
- Upcoming wellness seminars you can attend
- Interactive forum for reader’s comments and questions

“I’m encouraging you not to believe everything you hear and read. My goal is to help you ask the right questions with regards to your heath, show you how to interpret the latest research, and understand the fundamental basics of what your body requires in order to stay healthy,” says Dr Brett.

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Dr Brett Hill is a wellness expert and chiropractor. He writes for News Limited's The Adelaide Magazine as well as The Independent Weekly and The Hills Courier. He is also a public speaker holding regular wellness seminars, speaking at schools and providing information sessions for local council groups. His passion is to teach people how to be well in our modern world. His new website is yet another format helping Dr Brett Hill get his message out there.
Brett Hill
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Australia’s best new health website,, is going to teach you how to get well – and stay well! Newly launched with a fresh voice and modern, user-friendly feel, Dr Brett cuts through the latest fads, helping people get properly informed.


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