Friday, March 25th, 2011
The Australian Democrats persevere in NSW, saying "We are coming back," but concede it's still quite an undertaking to win an Upper House seat this time around, according to lead candidate, Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans.

"While many have written off the Australian Democrats in NSW, we're proudly fielding an exceptional team of candidates at Saturday's election, providing voters with a reliable alternative to the hard right Liberals, and the hard left Greens," Chesterfield-Evans said.

"Labor is currently the underdog in the Lower House but when it comes to the Upper House, our ability to continue campaigning for equity, justice and freedom has never been harder."

"Almost 2 years after launching the Rebuild Project, the Australian Democrats are coming back. We've enjoyed significant membership growth, and last year balloted seven draft policies - written by our members in true Australian Democrats fashion - for the first time since 2004."

"Despite our Upper House underdog status, the Australian Democrats are coming back. We remain hopeful that on Saturday the community will support our desire to Bring Back Balance."

Chesterfield-Evans, a former MLC who did not win enough votes to be re-elected in 2007, is running again because he believes in the values of the Australian Democrats. Fondly remembered for his bright yellow shirts, he is keen to be re-elected to the Upper House to prevent the legislative process from becoming a "rubber stamp" for a Liberal Government.

Running alongside him is Ronaldo Villaver, a leading advocate for the voice of multicultural communities. An active participant in his local Blacktown community, Villaver has been a strong critic of government at all levels for lacking the inclusion of candidates from diverse cultural backgrounds.

"Putting people in silos is damaging to the Government’s interest," Villaver said. "It excludes people from the democratic process and leads to much of the intolerance some migrants experience today."


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A genuinely independent political force advocating for solutions based on compassion, justice and equality. The Australian Democrats stand up for the rights of all Australians. We strive to eradicate discrimination, bigotry and exploitation, and to end once and for all the marginalisation of Indigenous Australians, asylum seekers and other minority groups.
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