Friday, March 25th, 2011
Lead Australian Democrats candidate for the NSW Upper House, Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, today welcomed support for his campaign from former Democrats leader Cheryl Kernot.

Associate Professor Cheryl Kernot said today that Dr Chesterfield-Evans "would be a great addition to the NSW Upper House - a combination of nine years of past experience with unrivalled capacity - an opportunity to bring balance to the radical extremes of both left and right."

Associate Professor Kernot went on to say that "Balance of power and reasonableness are things which the Democrats excel in". Earlier this week Professor Kernot made a special appearance at the NSW Campaign Launch for Dr Chesterfield-Evans where she spoke about how much Australia missed the values of the Democrats.

Dr Chesterfield-Evans said: "Cheryl Kernot has been a significant figure for the Australian Democrats and also in Australian politics generally, and still commands wide respect. The Democrats appreciate her support". Associate Professor Kernot is currently a senior academic with the Centre for Social Impact in Sydney.

Dr Chesterefield-Evans is lead Democrats candidate for the NSW Legislative Council. He is a GP by profession and previously served as a Democrats MLC for nine years. Dr Chesterfield-Evans is also widely known as an anti-smoking activist and for his advocacy in areas such as transport infrastructure, mental health, parliamentary reform and the movement for a department of peace.

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