Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Free Seminar for Businesses in Armidale:
Capturing Innovation in the Workplace

Do you have great ideas for your business but no idea how to put them into action?

Do you feel like you have unexplored potential in your business that could be capitalised upon?

In order to remain competitive and survive in today’s world, businesses must know how to generate new ideas and explore new markets. Gone are the days when a business could do what it has always done before. Businesses need to be able to launch new ideas and new products in order to thrive.

Research indicates that most new ideas in business come from three sources: the staff, company networks and customers.

Yet as all business owners know, amongst the busy day-to-day operations, ideas get lost, customer feedback is inconsistently managed and not all the best ideas from staff are explored. Management does not always know how to assess which ideas they should invest in to be commercialised.

A seminar and workshop will be presented in Armidale in April that will outline ways to cost-effectively harness, assess and commercialise ideas within your business. Called Capturing Innovation in the Workplace, the seminar and workshop is presented by Alchemy Equities and supported by the Australian Government through Enterprise Connect.
Presenter: Dan Liszka
As CEO and majority shareholder of Alchemy, Dan has a science background and significant business experience with innovative enterprises. Alchemy is currently contracted by the NSW government to deliver the NSW Innovation Advisory Service.
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Co-Presenter: Kate Ingham, Senior Client Manager, Alchemy Equities


The seminar will be a general introduction and will be held on Thursday 7 April from 4pm to 6pm at the Duval Conference Centre, UNE, Armidale NSW.

The workshop is a more intensive session to be held on Friday 8th April from 10am to 4pm at the same venue.

Events are free to applicable participants.
To RSVP call 1300 308 882 or email: [email protected] To register directly go to:

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Alchemy Equities

Alchemy Equities is a corporate advisory firm that has specialist expertise in the delivery of in-house innovation commercialisation services for large and small to medium enterprises as well as equity capital raising. Since inception in 2005, Alchemy has consulted on over 184 commercialisation contracts, 26 of those involving capital-raising across a broad range of industries.

Alchemy is currently contracted by the NSW government to deliver the NSW Innovation Advisory Service.
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Kate Ingham
P: +61 2 9994 8976
M: +61 414 321 641

Brianna Power

P: +612 8034 2550


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