Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Free online bartering hub, is determined to give mums an easier and more creative way to save money and ‘have it all', including a very handy husband dedicated to doing jobs around the house that your current husband can't, won't, or doesn't have the time or money to do.

Imagine no more nagging, stressing and complaining that your husband doesn’t help around the house. Now you can get a new husband, on The website has introduced the category ‘Handyman’ for women to list their husband/partners skills and ability to perform stereotypical “blokey” jobs such as guttering, plastering, shed assembly and other maintenance and repairs around the house, or mums can request other husbands’ skills in this area.

The new category ‘Handyman’ was introduced after numerous emails from men asking where they can list their skills and from the emails coming from women asking where they can find this skills-set. “Swapping products, services, skills and talents as a means to have everything in life and save money in the process, has become a family affair on mumswap. As a family, you swap for what you need and support another family simultaneously. It is an environmentally-friendly, philanthropic and thrifty initiative to be a part of”, founder Christie Nicholas explains.

To enjoy the benefits this category has to offer, mums, dads, families register on the website for free. They can list to ‘offer’ these skills in return for anything else. Alternatively, make a ‘request’ for this skill-set and offer anything else in return. Members can even swap for household chores, fashion, babysitting, beauty, books, health services, family entertainment, lessons, and business services. Then it is up to prospective husbands (or wives of the husbands) to get in contact for a direct swap.

“WANTED: Sexy, red slingbacks. Will trade in husband”, Virginia, Mumswap fan

“The best part is, this husband comes in, does the job, then leaves. All he wants is my barely used baby goods for his wife and new baby” Marina, Mumswap fan

“I’m a single dad and I’m pretty good at doing handyman work. If there are any single mums that need the support, I’d love some toys, cooking lessons or clothes for my kids in return” Steve, Mumswap fan

Since last August, has quickly built a reputation as Australia’s No. 1 completely free online bartering hub for mums to swap products, services and talents with others. Mumswap, despite economic turbulence, gives everyone the opportunity to have everything they want for themselves, families, business and lifestyle simply through swapping what they can provide with a party that has what you want, and wants what you have.

Nicholas says, ‘Why sacrifice, spend and stress, when you can recycle, share, swap and save’ – Recycle goods, share skills & save money
[email protected] or ph 0488-669-119

Fast Fact 1: listed No. 1 site for online savings in ‘Money’ Magazine Best of the Best reports, 2009

Fast Fact 2: Mumswap in book ‘Tales and Secrets from Female Entrepreneurs’ alongside Poppy King, Rhonda Britten

Fast Fact 3: Mumswap donating to the Red Cross $1 for every new member that joins and for every offer/request posted

Contact Profile is in the business of making life easier for mums. We represent Australia’s No. 1 online bartering hub designed for mums to swap products, services and talents for free to achieve more for themselves, their family, business and lifestyle the smarter way. We pride ourselves on being a philanthropic, socially responsible company and profile other organizations that share our vision
Christie Nicholas
P: 0488-669-119


Free online bartering hub, is determined to give mums an easier and more creative way to save money and ‘have it all’, including a very handy husband dedicated to doing jobs around the house.



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