Saturday, February 21st, 2009
Local seniors will be the first in the world to be able to access a revolutionary new body composition change product with its launch on the Sunshine Coast this week.

The TGA listed ToneUPTM, a world first product that naturally assists the body to lose fat and increase lean muscle mass, is to be trialed through local pharmacy chain The Friendlies.

Sunshine Coast businessman, Alan Macklin, who recently started using ToneUPTM, says he noticed a real difference within three days, having more energy and felt less bloated.

“After one week I lost three kilograms, still had plenty of energy and I even doubled my training sessions and have improved my performances,” Mr Macklin says.

“After three weeks I dropped another two kilograms but had also gained considerable muscle mass.
“This is an amazing result as I not only feel great but have toned my body to a shape I haven’t had in years.”

The product, in an effervescent powder form, is the first in a range of highly differential nutraceuticals by Australian pharmaceutical company Jubilent Health, founded by Maryborough born Norman Ohl.

Mr Ohl says ToneUPTM provides a unique approach to existing problems faced by seniors looking to lose fat, gain lean muscle mass and increase stamina.

“ToneUPTM is not a weight-loss product, but is the world’s first body composition change formula designed especially for seniors,” Mr Ohl says.

“Taken twice daily ToneUPTM can help reduce an average 3.1kg of fat and gain an average 2.1kg of lean muscle mass in 30 days without the need for exercise or to change your lifestyle.

“This is a great product for older people who want to stay in shape but find it difficult due to their age, it even decreases physical and mental fatigue.”

ToneUPTM‘s active ingredient, LipovorTM, discovered by Jubilent Health, is a naturally occurring substance required in energy production in the body.

Mr Ohl says through extensive research Jubilent Health has discovered a way, with ToneUPTM to naturally increase the body’s ability to burn body fat, which is the basis for ToneUPTM.

“Jubilent Health has created Lipovor TM as a proprietary ingredient on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods which will become the primary ingredient in a range of world-first nutraceuticals of which ToneUPTM is the first,” Mr Ohl says.

“There is no product like this in the current body tone and fat loss market in the world.

“There are of course supplements which are predominantly herbal remedies or complementary medicines designed to assist the taker in their efforts to lose weight or fat, but they don’t provide the overall benefits that ToneUPTM does.“

Mr Ohl says Jubilent Health is testing the product for consumer feedback in specific areas such as the Sunshine Cost and Wide Bay region where there is high concentration of the products target market.

“This is a real milestone for the company as we begin to see the product roll out onto the shelves and consumers benefit directly from this revolutionary new body composition change product,” Mr Ohl says.

ToneUPTM is available through The Friendlies Discount Pharmacy’s in Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Nambour, Gympie and Tinana, and select Sunshine Coast pharmacies.

Jubilent Health recently signed a distribution deal with Sunshine Coast based Pharmaphlo who have agreed to purchase all the production capacity of ToneUPTM resulting in over $1.1 million of sales by the end of February.

A further batch of 2 million doses will go into production this month for distribution in March resulting in a further $2.6 million in sales orders for product.

Jubilent Health are originators and manufacturers of unique pharmaceuticals with a strong focus on natural compounds which are taken through clinical trials and extensive R&D necessary to compile the body of evidence to substantiate product claims and satisfy the world's regulators.

For all media enquiries contact Bruce Nelson on 0423 403 449.

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Local seniors will be the first in the world to be able to access a revolutionary new body composition change product with its launch on the Sunshine Coast this week.



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