Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
Family Time Fun from Lego
New Toys from LEGO include an assortment of entertaining board games which promise to spark creativity and foster wholesome family competition. These LEGO Toys comprise strategy games, racing games and elimination games. They employ luck, logic, memory and skill. Here are the Toys LEGO has come up with:

Pirate Plank #3848
In this ultimate elimination game, players force one another to walk the plank, while keeping themselves from being dunked. The last man standing wins.

Robo Champ #3835
The first player to build his robot succeeds in this luck-based game.

Magikus #3836
The object of Magikus is to gather the necessary ingredients and toss them into the cauldron before anyone else. This LEGO game was awarded the iParenting Hot Toy Award.

Monster 4 #3837
To win this game the player must be the first to line up his 4 monsters. This game was also a recipient of the iParenting Hot Toy Award.

Lava Dragon #3838
The winner is the first player to climb the LEGO volcano and defeat the LEGO dragon.

Race 3000 #3839
It's a race to the finish line, with shortcuts and oil slicks along the way. Race 3000 was awarded the National Parenting Seal of Approval.

Pirate Code #3840
This is a stategy game. The players must figure out their opponent's secret code. This is another winner of the iParenting Hot Toy Award.

Banana Balance
Those with fine motor skills will prevail in this balance game.

Creationary #3844
Creationary will test imagination, stretch creativity and become a classic among Toys. The challenge in this game is to build a recognizable object. The other players must guess what it is.

Frog Rush #3854
Frog Rush is racing game. This time the race track is a pond and the hazard is a hungry stork.

LEGO Atlantis Treasure #3851
A strategy game. The object is to find the sunken treasure. The game Toys are awesomely designed mini submarines.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts #3862
This game includes 5 unique Harry Potter minifigure Toys.

Magma Monster #3847
To reach the golden LEGO treasure, players must cross the lava and contend with a monster.

Meteor Strike #3850
Opponents must overcome one another with lasers in their quest for space rocks.

Minotaurus #3841
Both strategy and luck are necessary in this highly acclaimed game. It won the National Parenting Seal of Approval, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's Platinum Seal and the Creative Child's 2010 Preferred Choice Award.

Orient Bazaar #3849
The object of Orient Bazaar is to build the biggest fortune. LEGO lovers will appreciate the many unique pieces in this game.

Ramses Pyramid #3843
This is a memory game in which players must defeat the mummy king and his army.

Shave a Sheep #3845
The player who collects the most wool while avoiding the wolf will emerge the winner.

Each of these Toys employs a die, but not an ordinary die. It's a LEGO die. A buildable, changeable and infinitely variable die. The LEGO die is a hallmark among Toys.

All of these games are available from playdex.com.au.

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