Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
Amongst adults, Easter is valued as a pleasant religious holiday on which you can get together with your closest friends and family and appreciate the wonders of life. However, to most children, Easter means something very different: the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, and many toys! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child's eyes light up at the sight of new Easter toys to play with on this holiday. Many parents love the idea of making Easter even more special by treating their kids with fun new toys that they can enjoy.

Of course, it is sometimes difficult to determine what Easter toys would be best appreciated by your children. Every year, there are always some favored toys that are the most valued by kids, and any child would be delighted to receive these items in his or her Easter basket. The following toys are expected to be some of the most sought out Easter gifts of this year.

First of all, young boys would undoubtedly be delighted with an Easter-themed Lego set. There is a wide variety of these sets that you can choose from; for instance, small children would likely enjoy a simple Lego set featuring bunny rabbits and Easter chicks, while older boys would be attracted to more complex building projects of ships and automobiles. Imaginext action figures are also very popular amongst young boys. Children would love to receive some of these toys in their Easter basket; however, there are special Imaginext sets that can extend the Easter theme even further with their special Easter egg packaging. Finally, Real Construction sets with kid-safe saws and wood can keep boys occupied for the entire Easter holiday as they build and create new structures.

There are many Easter toys that are geared towards girls as well. For instance, Barbie dolls will always remain a central component of any young girl's holiday. Just like every other year, Mattel is releasing an Easter-exclusive Barbie doll for children to enjoy this coming Easter. Squinkies are also very popular amongst young girls. Easter Squinkies sets with pastel-colored accessories and bright spring decorations can be purchased to provide children with their favorite animal figurines in holiday-themed packages.

Of course, all children enjoy outdoor toys such as scooters, roller blades, and skateboards. These toys allow your kids to get out of the house and enjoy the beauty of springtime on Easter day. Children will love laughing, playing, and exploring under the sun with these new Easter toys.

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