Sunday, March 20th, 2011
When it comes to toys, there is probably no toy more popular than a Barbie doll, and the good news for 2011 is Barbie and Ken have reunited, opening the door for a whole new line of exciting and fun toys to play with. Yes, the couple are once again an 'item', and love is definitely in the air. When cougar Barbie (she is, in fact, two years older tan her man) broke up in 2004, girls all over the wold were stunned. How could a couple so in love part? Well, most say that Barb had to find herself. Find herself she did, discovering all sorts of new careers and developing new friendships along the way. She did not, however, forget Ken, and now that she's come so far as a woman, she is ready to let Ken back into her life and into toy stores all over the world.

Toys based around the couple will feature items like "Together Again", a limited edition set featuring the lovers in swimsuits they wore during their early romance years. There is also a dashing new, "Smooth Talking Ken" now available in toy stores, and the "She Said Yes," limited edition set with both dolls sporting fabulous tans.

The dynamic duo toys manufactured by Mattel, Inc. will also have Ken and Barbie sporting brand new looks like the handsome "Sweet Talkin Ken" doll -- a charmer that makes Barbie head spin. Toys that talk are always a delight for kids, and "Sweet Talkin Ken" does just that, recording up to five seconds of play back sounds. Kids can record their voice by pressing a button on the doll's chest that has a built in recorder. Like magic, by pressing one of three buttons on the doll, Ken will repeat what was said in a normal low or high pitch. Hows that for toys that talk? Barbie is impressed for sure.

Of course, Ken has nothing over Barbie in 2011. New Barbie doll toys include the "Barbie Fashion Model Collection from Russia. VERUSHDA Barbie is as elegant as she is beautiful and loves couture in classic blacks to romance the night away. The new Ekatarina Barbie prefers faux fur and enticing brocades as she strolls the streets of Moscow. Then there's the newest Barbie toys featuring the ELLY MAY CLAMPETT doll, ready to hit Beverly Hills in all the ribbons and bows a girl from the country can carry. And, who better to emulate the fabulous Samantha of Bewitched than beautiful Barbie, sporting Samatha's famous and fabulous black cape.

For a full range of all the new toys that Matel's Barbie and Ken doll collections have available, go to Australia' largest online toy store at and be ready to shop "Barbie and Ken"!

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