Sunday, March 20th, 2011
To understand the popularity of the now famous Beyblades one must begin with its history. It began in the seventeenth century with toys shaped as spiral seashells filled with sand and melted lead called the beigoma. Japan has the only factory that makes this unique line of toys. They lost popularity after World War II. They may have become extinct had it not been for the introduction of Beyblades in July 1999. Because of Beyblades beigomas sales have doubled, schools have listed it as an extracurricular activity and even hosted a school wide beigoma tournament.

The popularity of the toy Beyblades were inspired by a comic strip series about boys who played with them and a video game for Nintendo game boy in 1999. It exploded with the cartoon series for Tokyo TV in 2001 that aired fifty-one episodes. The second series called Beyblade Force aired another fifty-one episodes beginning January 2002 until its end in December 2002. Beyblade G Revolution started the third season with fifty-one more episodes. The last episode of this series divided into two segments for the show’s Western release. This series ran from January 2003 until December 2003.

In 2009 in Japan and in 2010 in the United States, the new series Beyblade Metal Fusion made its debut. The new cast of characters and metal infused Beyblades expanded into another new series for 2011 called Beyblade Metal Masters. This toy’s popularity has definitely captured the world’s fascination since its origination.

Since the introduction of the sensational toys, Hasbro the manufacturer has difficultly producing enough products to meet demand. In Japan, you may stand in line for three hours to purchase one. The United States retailers have to issue rain checks to enthusiastic adults and children because of low supplies. Even though Toys R Us and Wal-Mart, known for selling the famous toys many other retailers also carry them. Target keeps a good supply of Beyblades and their accessories in stock, many other big name toy stores located in malls also see the profitable opportunity in stocking the toys. You can purchase the toy and its accessories online at the manufacturer’s website and at

Research shows that Japan plays host to many Beyblade tournaments but the same does not occur in the United States. This is amazing considering the millions of dollars in revenue that generates each year from sales of the toy and its counterparts. Tournaments online at allow customization of Beyblades and fights for good verses evil around the world for enthusiastic players. This unfortunately is not live action play craved by Beyblade owners. Even though the world Beyblade organization website for players allows applications for suggestions of tournaments there are to date no national tournaments in the U.S... Toys R Us is supposed to host tournaments but shows no interest in hosting or promoting said tournaments. Even though local tournaments listed and posted on the site for players is available, the opportunity for someone to expand this competition to a national level is there for the taking. Are you ready?

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