Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Auckland Web Design company 123 Online, has developed a game changer for Ecommerce web design and development in New Zealand.

The new Ecommerce Content Management System (CMS), combined with the template based web page design process, has finally made a quality, user friendly Ecommerce website solution affordable for small New Zealand businesses.

The Ecommerce Content Management System is based off the Prestashop Ecommerce software, that was developed in France, and released in 2010. 123 Online took the base system, and highly customised it, with additional functionality, and improved intuitive usability.

The Ecommerce product has already proved a hit for small New Zealand business owners, who don’t have the technical expertise to build an Ecommerce website themselves, are not web designers , and don't have the significant budget required for a full custom Ecommerce website solution.

The end result is a high quality website design, with a simple, easy to manage admin panel for the business owner to manage their Ecommerce website. In the back end, the business owner can easily manage their product lines, their customer base, invoicing, order fulfilment, shipping, stock levels and website performance.

Ease of use is key. Other content Ecommerce Content Management Systems, especially based on open source systems, are complex to operate, and technically limited if the user doesn’t have programming knowledge. Aside from the intuitive layout, and things that other systems require manual effort (like resizing product images, sending customers invoices, or creating packing slips for example), the 123 Online system does automatically, saving the shop owner time and headaches.

As the system is also modular in terms of functionality, more complex requirements can be catered for with lower development costs than building from scratch. This makes it affordable, and allows businesses with more complex requirements to still be catered for under the system.

Small New Zealand business owners have historically had three pretty undesirable options in regards to Ecommerce Web Design:

1) Build it yourself
2) Pay a freelancer for a poorly done job
3) Pay big money for a quality custom job done by a Web Development company

The 123 Online system finally makes a quality Ecommerce website solution accessible for small New Zealand businesses.


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123 Online NZ is a very different web design company. We’re all about making new websites easy for our customers.

We’ve developed a revolutionary way to get your website design online in three easy steps, saving you time and money.

Our customers all want high quality websites, but they don’t have huge budgets. They want their website design to be published online easily, and they don’t have time to learn new skills or go through hours of expensive consultation.

If this sounds like you, then 123 Online are the website designers site you’re been searching for.


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