Friday, March 18th, 2011
Anybody who loves toys loves, or at the very least knows of, Lego. So far, 2011 is set to be a big year for the toy-maker beloved all over the world for their lines of construction toys. For example, the toys-maker plans on opening two Lego themed amusement parks, one in Dubai and one in Florida. Lego also plans on releasing a Lego themed card game, and expanding upon Lego themed video games such as Lego Star Wars or Lego Indiana Jones.

One of the most exciting things that happen every year is the release of different themed sets: Few other toys aside from Lego enjoy this luxury of being able to keep in such close touch with popular culture. This year, Lego has been able to theme their toys to some of the most popular current movies: Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter. This means that new Lego toy sets will likely attempt to recreate things like the racetrack from Cars 2, the Pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean, or maybe even Hogwarts from Harry Potter. And it will be great fun. For example, in the 1990s Star Wars toys proliferated. But as any toys lover would remember, the Star Wars themed sets beat out many other toys as the most fun to play with. There is no doubt that the Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Hogwarts theme will find similar success with its targeted audiences. Although the details are still being held secret, the popularity of these movies suggests a similar popularity for their respective franchised goods.

Children love being able to be creative in their play: This is why they love building toys. They are even happier when their creative process can be tied to movies or stories they already love, such as Harry Potter. And the best part, the reason why Lego has endured so long since its inception in the 1940s while other toys come and go as fads, is that after the kids get bored of the theme they can use the bricks to create something altogether new. Forget the baby Mozart: Lego’s the way to go if you want your kids to practice creativity.

If you wish to find out more, a good idea would be to visit for information. To the delight of their patrons, it is often one of the fastest to put up new Lego collections and is also a great one stop shopping location for toys in general.

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